Initial consultation

60 – 90 minutes              $110

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At your initial consultation, we discuss:
– Your reason for attending the clinic
– Current health goals, priorities and health complaints

Melissa will also go into depth regarding your health history, dietary and lifestyle habits.


Physical assessments may also be carried out, such as:
– Blood pressure monitoring
– Weight and height measurements
-Body signs and other screening tools, such as iridology and nail/tongue analysis

You may also be referred for further pathology testing to complete before your next appointment.


Once this is completed, you may be given one or two supplements or herbal mixes to begin straight away, as well as some basic dietary and lifestyle recommendations.


Between your first and second consult, your case will be reviewed and further research may be done. This is so Melissa can get a thorough understanding of your health. Once confident with all information given in the first consult and further research, Melissa will develop a treatment plan to explain and follow on your next visit.

You will also receive a client starter pack containing…

▪ your first treatment recommendations
▪ a collection of quick & easy recipes, including salad & veggie dips and dressings
▪ my ‘pantry staples’ list
▪ any other relevant handouts specific to your case


Standard consultation

30 – 45 minutes              $70

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At each follow-up, we will discuss your progress, strengths & limitations of your initial or ongoing treatment plan, address changes that need to be made or further action that needs to be taken. Any test results will also be discussed or recommended if necessary.

Supplements, herbal mixes, as well as dietary and lifestyle advice may be given or adjusted at each following appointment.



Express consultation*

15 – 20 minutes              $30

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Quick consultations can be made for minor adjustments that need to be made to the treatment plan or if any refill prescriptions are needed after long periods without a consultation.

These short consultations can also be made for minor complaints requiring a quick assessment and remedy such as a cold or flu.


*Express consultations are only available to existing clients.


Children’s Initial Consultation

45 – 60 mins            $85

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Similar to an adult initial consultation, an in-depth assessment, involving main health concerns, past history/birth, family history, dietary analysis and relevant physical examinations are discussed.


A comprehensive treatment plan and referrals are included if required.





Rebates are available with participating health funds covering naturopathy. Please ensure you are aware of your entitlements prior to your appointment.


Other rates & discounts

Stated fees and rebates do not include any supplements and herbal medicines or any additional testing. Any testing that is required will be discussed first.

Full-time students and pensioners can receive 10% off the full price of consults and medicines on presentation of their valid student or pensioner card.


Payment options

Cash and EFTPOS (Mastercard/VISA) payments accepted.

Online bank transfers are welcome. A receipt of payment is required before leaving the clinic.

Payment plans can be arranged but notice must be given before the time of your appointment.

For more information and enquiries, please contact Melissa on 0433079960 or using other contact options listed here.

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