Did you know that up to 40 – 45% of

ADULTS suffer from acne?!


Here you were, thinking you were the only one!

Well, you’re certainly not alone.


I was one of them.


I endured all the mental and physical effects of acne for more than 4 years.

It caused physical and mental scars.

I don’t want you to have to deal with it for as long as I did.



I never thought I’d be comfortable leaving the house without makeup, but now I can!

I eventually broke the vicious cycle of adult acne, which I believe was thanks to my study of the human body, natural medicine, nutrition, learning the underlying causes of acne, and therefore encouraging me to change my diet, lifestyle, mindset and utilising nutritional and herbal medicine to support me during this process.

(You can learn more about my experience with acne here.)


There’s plenty of information out there on how you can get clear skin.

But the thing is, everyone has acne for different reasons…


there is no one-size-fits-all treatment.


A lot of acne ‘cures’ will often only focus on the outside, noting the do’s and don’ts about your skincare regime.
But I’m here to teach you a new perspective.

Healing skin from the inside out.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but no matter what those skin product companies claim, you will not get rid of acne overnight or in a few days.

There is no “miracle cream“.

Even if a skin product does miraculously improve the look of your skin, it’s not addressing the whole reason it was like that in the first place.
(So don’t be surprised if it comes back after you stop using it).


My eBook covers 6 underlying causes of acne that you probably haven’t come across through all your googling.


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If you do feel like you need a bit of extra support or think you could be seeing results sooner, come and see me for an appointment where I can look at your unique health history and develop a treatment plan especially for you.

Good luck!


P.S – If you’d like to let us know how this eBook has helped you, I’d love to hear from you! I’d also love to see any before-and-after shots if it’s something you’d like to share.

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