What is the 500 Foods Hair Test?


The 500 Foods Hair Analysis can identify the common foods and household items that will complement your health, or foods that are currently having a negative effect within your body.

We are all unique, and so the way we will react to foods and products will also differ from person to person. This is why the 500 Hair Test is a great way to get an understanding of the foods that you as an individual should be including more of, or avoiding where possible.


What does it involve?


Simply by taking a small sample of hair, Bio-Compatibility testing compares the positive or negative influences a range of foods and household products has on your body’s unique cells. This can help us determine what foods are helpful and what foods are best avoided in order to improve health outcomes.

After taking the sample, you will need to complete a record of all the foods and household products you use and consume within the following week, including brand names, and any symptoms you experience on each day.


A consultation will be made for when the results of the test are due. We will work together to guide you through the correct steps to take in order to improve your overall health and symptoms. Generally improvements are noticed from 4 weeks of following the diet and can continue to improve for another 6-12 weeks if followed strictly. A retest is usually necessary as it is possible by this time to slowly reintroduce certain foods.


What sort of ailments can the programme help to improve?


The 500 Items test may be a valuable tool for a range of symptoms, including:

  • Digestive complaints, such as bloating, distension, indigestion, reflux, irregular or abnormal bowel movements
  • Skin conditions including acne, eczema, dermatitis, itchy skin, psoriasis and rosacea
  • Unexplained headaches or migraines
  • Fatigue or lack of energy
  • Mood disturbances such as low mood, depression, anxiety
  • Behavioural issues
  • Allergies such as hay fever and asthma


How much does it cost?


The initial cost of the test is $250*, and the retest (if done within 6-9 months of the initial test) is $185.

Extra lists not covered in the 500’s list (such as baby products) will cost an additional $30. Specific items such as supplements and medications will require an additional fee of $5 per item.


*Please note that the 500 hair test requires frequent consultations to monitor progress. The $259 for the hair test does not include consultation fees. If you are not yet a client of Melissa’s and only wish to do the hair test without other forms of treatment or follow-up, please make this clear before booking your appointment.


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